What We Do

We provide comprehensive Human Resource Management Solutions to various corporate companies.

Recruitment Division

We engage in selection, recruitment and placement of right people for the right jobs. Just to mention a few, receptionists, clerks, book keepers, accountants, sales and factory staff, supervisors and managers.

Outsourced Labour Management Division

We provide and manage qualified and suitable staff to meet corporate short and long term labour requirements. We recruit, train, place, insure and handle all the HR functions of the outsourced staff. We are able to provide the staff at short notice and redeploy them when they are no longer needed by our Principals.

What Makes Us Different

In partnering with us, you will benefit from the following list of endless possibilities;
- Hands on directors with full understanding of corporate HR recruitment and outsourcing requirements.
- Use of quality products and tools in performance of our tasks.
- Adherence to strict safety guidelines.
- Professional staff recruitment procedures that ensure that the best candidates are hired.
- Continuous staff training on operations and occupational safety and health in the workplace.
- Tailor made service delivery to meet customer demands.
- Quick response to incidents and clients complaints. Investigations will be undertaken immediately, remedial action taken, learning points noted / documented and shared.

Our Vision

To become the regional leader in the provision of HR recruitment and related outsourcing services.

Our Mission

To provide excellent customer driven, cost effective HR recruitment and related outsourced services for organization productivity and growth.

Our Promise

- A collaborative relationship
- Reliable and professional expertise and viable profitable solutions
- Leading edge Hr recruitment and outsourcing solutions

Our Approach and Difference:

We believe in excellent product and service delivery to our customers, that meets their expectation and endeavour to surpass their expectations. Our drive to service delivery includes:
- Experience and methodologies to perform the work effectively and efficiently: Our approach uses tried and tested HR recruitment and outsourcing services that help to identify and explain issues. Our approach focuses on building consensus and decision- taking quickly.
- A team of specialists focused on similar work: Depending on the nature of the assignment, you will require a team of specialists working under very proactive management and time scales to ensure that your HR requirements run in parallel and are nonetheless properly integrated.
- Comprehensive understanding of the assignment's objectives and surrounding environment: Our team combines extensive research on common and modern labour practices and have extensive knowledge of the current labour market, with regards to ethical HR recruitment and outsourcing services.

We are committed to promoting high standards of discipline, excellence and ethics through adherence to both our quality standards and those of our clients.
We believe in recruiting and retaining sound, professional support staff, as well as providing training and opportunities to all our staff for growth in a stimulating and enabling environment. We are dedicated to maintaining a strong internal administration, thereby enabling provision of quality service and ensuring client satisfaction.
We believe relationships are our top priority, and we strongly believe that good relationships with our clients are a pre-requisite to success.
Our people are dedicated to devising and implementing innovative, client-based solutions that lead to the better utilization of resources and improvement of performance and delivery.